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As a leading manufacturer of custom-designed, innovative solutions for the coffee packaging sector, has a wide range of dedicated cutting and wrapping lines. Our automatic lines, for example, can also be designed according to the needs of the client. The coffee packaging machinery we supply includes: drip coffee bag packing machines, coffee stick packing machines, coffee capsule filling and sealing machines, vertical form filling and sealing machines, high-precision weighing systems, and loading systems that produce attractive and robust packages, ideal for a wide variety of products.

With a unique Italian design concept, our coffee capsule filling sealing machine can be used for filling and sealing capsules on rotary tables or multilanes, and combines automatic filling, sorting, nitrogen gas flushing, and sealing into a single unit. Different types of capsules can be adapted to various shapes and sizes, including Nespresso, K-cups, Lavazza, Dolce gusto, and so on. Tea, coffee, infusions, barley, or soluble products are packed into these bags and sealed with heat-sealing materials.

With the fast changing needs of the market, we have accumulated the broadest knowledge, and have assembled the most comprehensive technical FAQ library for coffee packaging in the world, helping customers optimize their investments and ensuring ongoing assistance and technological developments to maintain their competitive advantage.

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Automatic coffee powder K-cup filling machine

Item coffee powder filling machine/coffee nespresso capsules/k cup filling machine
Model NC-4/KC-4 NC-6/KC-6 NC-8/KC-8 NC-10/KC-10 NC-12/KC-12
Capacity 3000-4000cups/h 4000-5000cups/h 5000-6000cups/h 6000-7000cups/h 7000-8000cups/h
Filling Capacity 5-30ml 5-30ml 5-30ml 5-30ml 5-30ml
Total Power 4KW 4.5KW 5KW 5.5KW 6KW
Air Consumption 0.65 cubic meters/min 0.68 cubic meters/min 0.70 cubic meters/min 0.73 cubic meters/min 0.78 cubic meters/min
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Temperature Range 0-300℃ 0-300℃ 0-300℃ 0-300℃ 0-300℃
Machine Weight 800KG 900KG 950KG 1000KG 1100KG
Size 3500*800*1750 3500*1100*1750 3900*800*1750 3900*1100*1750 3900*1300*1750
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Automatic nespresso coffee capsule filling sealing machine

Item Automatic aluminum film Nespresso coffee capsule filling sealing machine coffee pod packaging machine
Model Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine
Product Capacity 600-800 Cups Per Hour
The Cup Capacity 5-10ML
Tank Capacity 30L
Heating Power 1KW
Gas Cnsumption 0.6 Cubic Meters/Min
Power Source 220V, 50HZ
Installation Dimensions 1250*1250*1650MM
Weight 250KG
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Automatic Caffitaly Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

Product Application

This latest high speed caffitaly coffee capsule filling sealing machine is suitable for Nespresso , K-cup , Espresso, Dolce Gusto, and Caffitaly all kinds of coffee capsules. There are a lot of uses for it, including making coffee powder, milk powder, tea powder, etc. The speed can be 40- 50 per minute, and it is easy to replace the model if you are using different coffee capsules.

Main Features

  • Using high-quality world-famous brand components in pneumatics, electrics, and operations.
  • It is a simple structure with a single linear type, and it is easy to install and maintain.
  • Running with high automation and intellectualization, without pollution
  • A high-pressure double crank controls the opening and closing of the die.
  • A linker can be used to connect the air conveyor with the packing machine directly
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Lavazza coffee capsules filling sealing machine

Machine model KL-200A
Voltage (V/Hz) 220v AC / 50Hz customized
Filling range 5-50g,According to the size provided by the user
Cup diameter According to cups provided by the user
Sealing speed 800-1500c/h
Filling Precision ±1%
Cup &film material Preformed PP. cups, laminated film, such as, PET/Al/PE, etc.
Machine material stainless steel
Outline dimension 1200*1200*1600(L×W×H)(mm)
Heated hopper 20-30L
Additional configuration Coding printer/Gas-filled device/Bag conecting device/Punch device/Easy to tear gap device
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Automatic Dolce Gusto coffee capsule filling sealing machine

Item name coffee capsule filling sealing machine
Type rotary
Model No. HSP-1N
 Filling range 5-20 grams
Filling accurracy 0.1g
Application K-cup, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza point , Lavazza blue, Pod, Upshhot, granule, powder
Speed 3000-3500 cups per hour
Hopper capacity 1 liter/ 2.5 liter
Air pressure gas consumption ≥0.8Mpa/0.1㎡
Sealing foil pre-cut lid or roll foil film
Control system PCL+ touchscreen
Voltage AC220V/380V, 50HZ/ 60HZ, custom
Power 2.5 KW
Displayer 7 inch touchscreent
Dimension 1950mm(L)*1750mm(W)*2200mm(H)
Weight 710KG
Packaging weight 760KG
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There are two cons of coffee capsule filling and sealing machines

1. Wider floor space is required.

The coffee filling and sealing machine can sometimes be difficult to move. It is very heavy and bulky. As a result, it requires a very large floor space to be placed.

2. Coffee pods that are stale.

The biggest weakness of coffee capsule pods is their inability to preserve the aroma and freshness of coffee. Customers often complain that coffee pods may not be as fresh as other forms of coffee. As a result, coffee pod machines will be limited in their application.

Five benefits of coffee capsule filling and sealing machines

The popularity of coffee capsule filling machine means that such machine must have some merits deserved to mention. Now, let’s dive right in.

1. Saving money.

Due to the powerful parts or components, coffee pod machines can last for a long time. In addition, coffee capsule filling machines are easy to maintain and less expensive to operate. The only thing you should pay attention to is the certification of lubrication of the moving parts. The machine should be cleaned and lubricated regularly.

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Automatic Coffee Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine for Food Packaging

Designed to fill and seal coffee capsules (or other powder products such as tea powder, cocoa powder, etc. ), the coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is a multifunctional machine. This coffee capsules sealing machine is designed specifically for filling and sealing cups with rolled film or pre-cut lids (or other liquid products such as fruit juice, water, granules, powders, etc.). Plastic cups, and other cups can be filled automatically by this coffee cup filling machine.

This Coffee Capsule Filling And Sealing Machine is suitable for various types of granules, powders, and liquids. There are many types of food materials, such as coffee, milk powder, milk powder, tea, tea, instant powder, yogurt, and many others.

Applicable capsule: Compatible Dolce gusto, Nespresso, Lavazza blue or point, Pod, K-CUP, K-shot, One CUP

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